Jana is incredible! I want a mini version of her perched on my shoulder every time I write. Her comments, observations, and suggestions are thought out and detailed. She goes all-in. Also, she doesn’t just tell you when something is weird or off or wrong, but she’ll tell you *why* and then offer possible suggestions to fix it. That is different than my previous experiences with editors and beta readers.

You know those parts in your novel that your subconscious knows are not quite right but you don’t really know how to deal with them? Jana is like this bright light that finds all of those parts (even the ones you didn’t realize were off) and helps you sort out how to clean them all up. Not once did i disagree with one of her suggestions. And she’s funny, so there’s that. 🙂

Hands down, the best money you can spend on getting your work polished.

Author T.M. Holladay