Services & Pricing

I offer several levels of editing, depending on where you are in the writing process.


Editing can be done in Microsoft Word, Scrivener, or Google Docs.

Developmental Feedback {Improve your story}

  • I highly recommend you do this at some point before editing! Whether it’s an early draft, an unfinished manuscript, or your final rough draft, I will read through it and provide you with a chapter-by-chapter analysis focusing on:
    • Plot
    • Characters
    • Dialogue
    • Narrative voice
    • Conflict
    • Pacing
    • Themes
    • Descriptions
    • Overall strengths and weaknesses, with suggestions for improvement.
  • No editing will be done on your manuscript as part of this critique, because once I send it back to you with comments and in-depth feedback, you’re likely to have a good amount of revisions to look forward to. No sense polishing what isn’t even permanent!
  • Don’t worry–this isn’t as formal as it sounds. Much of the feedback includes my reactions and questions as a reader.
  • Includes e-mail support for your questions during revisions.
  • Click here for a more detailed explanation of the developmental edit.
  • Rate: $60 per 10,000 words

Line Edit {Improve your writing}

  • A line edit is also called a content edit or a medium edit. I’ll use the track changes feature in Microsoft Word to make corrections and suggestions for the following:
    • Sentence structure
    • Word choice
    • Clarity
    • Grammar
    • Punctuation
    • Spelling
    • Consistency
  • I will create a style sheet during this process, which will include characters’ names and descriptions, chosen spellings for words with more than one correct spelling, and action timeline to ensure consistency throughout.
  • Includes a final proofread after changes have been implemented.
  • Rate: $0.008 per word ($800 for a 100,000-word manuscript)
  • $20 minimum for short stories/essays/children’s stories

Proofread {Fix mistakes}

  • When you feel your manuscript is done and ready to be submitted, a proofread will put the final polish on it to ensure it’s as readable and professional as possible. Proofreading will fix errors in:
    • Spelling
    • Grammar
    • Punctuation
  • Rate: $0.004-$0.006 per word ($200-$300 for a 50,000-word manuscript). Price depends on how polished your writing is to start with, based on the average number of corrections needed on each page (based on a random sample of 10 pages) as follows:
    • < 3 mistakes per page: .04 cents per word
    • 3-6 mistakes per page: .05 cents per word
    • > 6 mistakes per page: .06 cents per word
  • $20 minimum for short stories/essays/children’s stories

 Blurb Help

  • Get some outside help on those tricky couple hundred words that somehow end up being the hardest part of your novel. I can either give feedback on what you’ve written or write a couple of blurb possibilities for you, which we can then work on tweaking together.
  • This is an add-on for authors whose manuscript I’ve already read for editing purposes.
  • Rate: $50

Payments accepted through PayPal or Venmo.


What I Edit

I do my best work when I love the material. The following are my favorite genres, but feel free to ask about others. I like to stick with clean books (nothing R-rated) in the following Children’s, Young Adult, and Adult genres:

  • Fantasy
  • Clean Romance
  • Christian/Inspirational
  • Historical Fiction
  • Contemporary Lit
  • Some Sci-Fi, some Mystery

I might edit genres not seen on this list–just check with me! I’m open to short stories, essays, poetry, and some nonfiction. Just ask!

I don’t edit horror or thrillers. I don’t edit anything I don’t consider clean. This means: 1. No sexual content (no bedroom scenes; nothing that would make you uncomfortable if you saw people doing it out on the street.) 2. No vulgarity or crassness. 3. No profanity beyond what you would hear in a PG-13 movie. 3. No graphic violence.