Services & Pricing

I offer alpha reads, developmental critiques, and line edits. My associate editor, Meghan, offers copy edits and final proofreads. I edit in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Scrivener. Meghan edits in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.


I do my best work when I love the material. The following are my favorite genres, but feel free to ask about others. I enjoy the following Children’s, Young Adult, and Adult genres:

  • Fantasy
  • Clean Romance
  • Christian/Inspirational
  • Historical Fiction
  • Contemporary Lit
  • Sci-Fi, Speculative, and Dystopian
  • Mystery

I don’t edit horror or thrillers. I don’t edit erotica or anything I don’t consider clean. This means: 1. Romantic content should be kept at a PG level. No “bedroom scenes.” If clothes come off or it goes beyond making out, I won’t edit it. 2. No vulgarity or crassness. 3. No profanity beyond what you would hear in a PG-13 movie. 4. No graphic violence.

Services Offered by Jana

{Step One: Improve Your Story}

Choose between:

Alpha Read with Editor’s Letter

  • An overall look at your plot and character development. Think of this as a beta read on steroids—but alpha, so it’s before you dive into editing.
  • Included: In-manuscript comments and an Editor’s Letter (most likely 2-3 pages) listing overall strengths, weaknesses, and general suggestions for improvement. 
  • Not included: in-depth analysis of plot, themes, character development or detailed recommendations for addressing weaknesses.
  • Recommended for more experienced writers.
  • Rate: 0.3 cents per word ($30 per 10k words)

Developmental Critique

  • An in-depth analysis of story elements such as: 
    • Plot, pacing, and conflict
    • Climax and resolution
    • Character development and narrative voice
    • Themes
    • Genre-specific elements such as romance, mystery, or magic systems.
  • Included: 
    • Detailed (typically 8-15-pages) critique of elements listed above, detailing strengths, weaknesses, and specific suggestions for improvement
    • In-manuscript comments
    • Occasional style notes if I see a trend in stylistic or grammatical mistakes
    • E-mail support for your questions during revisions. (Or phone or video call if preferred)
  • Not included: In-manuscript edits (comments only)
  • Rate: 0.4 cents per word ($40 per 10,000 words) 

{Step Two: Improve Your Writing}

Line Edit

The line edit digs into your manuscript to make it sound the best it can sound, achieving your story goals while maintaining your own author voice. 

  • I’ll use the track changes feature in Microsoft Word or suggestion mode in Google Docs to make corrections and suggestions for the following: 
  • Flow, clarity, and readability
  • Word choice, awkward phrasing or repetition
  • Sentence structure
  • Story logic; consistency of story elements and descriptions
  • Grammar, punctuation, spelling
  • I will also create a style sheet during this process, which will include characters’ names and descriptions, preferred spellings for words with more than one correct spelling, and action timeline if necessary to ensure consistency throughout.
  • Rate: .6 – .8 cents ($60-$80 per 10,000 words): based on a sample read. For more information, ask to see my current pricing sheet!

Services Offered by Meghan

{Step Three: Polish Your Writing}

Choose between:

Copy Edit

  • Recommended for newer authors who have gone through a more intensive full line edit. If more than a few corrections per paragraph are found, you’ll need to switch to a line edit or plan on following up with a proofread.
  • Copy editing includes:
    • Grammar
    • Punctuation (both optional and required changes)
    • Consistency (i.e., character descriptions)
    • Correct word usage
  • Price: 0.5 cents per word ($50 per 10k words)


  • Proofreading is the final polish on your manuscript and focuses on mistakes only.
    • Typos
    • Spelling
    • Required punctuation
  • Rate: 0.4 cents per word ($40 per 10k words)
  • If the manuscript is not clean enough to be eligible for a final proofread (averaging more than one mistake per 2-3 lines), a copy edit will be required instead.

Policies and Extra Fees

  • Scheduling: Opens up the first of each month for the following month. For example, starting March 1st, you can book for the month of April. Once a month fills up, I will ask you to contact me the following month.
  • Cancellation Fee: $50 will be charged for appointments cancelled less than 2 weeks in advance.
  • Late Fee: Payment is due 24 hours after manuscript is returned to you. After that, a $10 per day late fee will be applied. Clients who are over 2 weeks late in payment will be required to pay in full prior to subsequent editing jobs.
  • Rush Fee: We expect you to send your manuscript by 9am the day of your appointment (evening before is preferable). A $50 per day rush fee will be charged for late manuscripts. 
  • Hourly Rate: $30 an hour for help beyond the regular scope of the edit paid for.
  • Please Note: These terms are outlined in the contract you will sign with Jana. Meghan’s scheduling procedures and extra fees may differ from Jana’s. 
  • Please email Meghan directly to schedule for her services: