About Me

Hi! My name is Jana, and I’m a word nerd.

I love perfecting. I love words and books. I love analyzing, fixing, and helping. I’m an avid reader and a critical one, with a bachelor’s degree in English. In college I worked in the writing center as a tutor and it was the best job ever. Helping writers reach their potential is so fulfilling for me, knowing that my ideas and suggestions can be a part of letting that potential shine through. I’ve been editing for my sister, an indie author, for over ten years, and I never get tired of the brainstorming, the edits and rewrites, the honing and refining. I enjoy every part of it, from outlining the plot to hearing characterization ideas to chopping up sentences and putting them back together with apostrophes and capitals all in their correct places.

Care for Life
Proudly providing editing services for Care for Life, an amazing nonprofit working to end the cycle of poverty in Mozambique. careforlife.org

I love having something for my brain to work on while I go about my 5-kid-and-husband stay-at-home-mom life, turning a problem over in my mind until I figure out the root of it and come up with a suggestion to fix it. Being a second or third set of eyes for a writer is thrilling for me, knowing that I have the opportunity to improve a manuscript before it becomes a book.

I’d love to hear from you and help you with your next project!


Photo Credit: Jen Fauset