Fantasy/Fairy Tale Romance

Annette Larsen

            Just Ella

            Missing Lily

            Saving Marilee

            Painting Rain

            Keeping Kinley


            Cloaked in Scarlet

Camille Peters











            The Beast and the Enchantress

Aleesha Adamson

            The Dark King and the Eternal Dance      

Lichelle Slater

            The Sultan and the Storyteller

            Daughter of Thieves

Lucy Tempest

            The Sorcerer and the Swan Princess

Contemporary Realism

Annette Larsen

            Songs for Libby

            All Our Broken Pieces

            If I Could Stay

            All That Stands Between Us

Tyson Abaroa

            The Fattest Mormon

The Cost of Secrets

Skyler Anderson 

The Right Way


Contemporary Fantasy/Paranormal

T M Holladay

            Haelo Hunted

            Haelo Rising

Pam Eaton

            An Extraordinary Few

            The Blessed Many

            An Army of One

Jana Miller


Emily Goldthwaite


Marcella Spencer

            The Inheritor


Tyson Abaroa

            The Cost of Secrets

Annette Larsen

            If I Could Stay

Historical Fiction

Marcella Spencer

            Lady Mathilda

            Lady Eliza


B D Powell     

William McFadden and the Puzzle Organ